Kate Spade Inspired

Well here goes nothing. My very first Blog post **eeepppp**. I used to see these girls saying “link in bio” all the time on Instagram and I wondered what’s the big deal….do I need a blog too? I never really thought I had much to say. Or I worried about my execution. Would the outcome be the way I envisioned in my head? Plus let’s be real, I do my best proof reading after I hit send. But fears aside…isn’t this just a new platform for you to be who you are and express yourself? And its your blog so you make all the rules right? So here we are.

This week I was saddened by the death of Kate Spade. Usually I’m not one to jump on the celebrity death bandwagon (let’s be honest that’s what it can turn into). But this time it was different for two reasons:

1) As a teenager I loved to read In Style magazine. And my introduction to fashion colors and patterns was influenced by Kate Spade. The colors and classic retro vibe stuck out to me. I wanted to be those women in those ad’s. They looked so happy. To me Kate Spade meant classic and fun. So for as long as I can remember, when I used to daydream about life outside of my small Oregon town, I loved the Kate Spade style. And now as an adult I’ve been to numerous bridal showers and baby showers all with that signature KS♠ vibe. I even have a Pinterest Christmas board dedicated to the style. And the hostess in me knows that All In Good Taste is a great go-to entertainers manual. Essentially…..I LOVE KATE SPADE.

2) After separating from the U.S. Air Force I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. Those were two labels I was not comfortable wearing and didn’t easily accept. I’m still not fully comfortable talking about it or labeling myself. Mainly because I believe although I’m hurting now, I don’t think I’ll be hurting forever. I have hope for my future. I know the woman I still have the potential to grow into. Just because I’m 35 doesn’t mean I’m grown up, right *wink*? But hearing of her suicide genuinely made me sad this week. And although I’m still learning to wear my new labels in a way that matches my strength and character, I feel incredibly passionate to do my part to help erase the stigma surrounding emotional suffering. It hit me hard that behind those bright, whimsical and happy colors there was so much sadness for the person who brought so much beauty into the world. And to a degree…I can relate. 

katespade003This week’s event made me think of these fabulous KS♠ sunnies. I wore them on Wednesday because I just thought YOU ARE SOMEONES SUNSHINE. For some reason they just seemed appropriate. I purchased these Lesia Cat-Eye sunglasses at Saks Off 5th around December 2015.  I’m kind of a gaudy chick at heart and I’m all about the sparkle so the rhinestone’s fit my personality to a T. Although they are no longer available at Saks, you can still find them on Shopbop.



Last November for my 35th Birthday I wanted to do something kinda fun to mark the occasion. I decided to do an adult cakesmash photoshoot. I’m always looking for a great deal and I found excellent props and accessories to style my fun photoshoot.


The champagne flutes I got at Homegoods, the table and sheepskin ottoman are from Ross, birthday favors from Wal-Mart, cake stand from the Target dollar spot and the cake was made for me by my sweet (pun-intended) friend Jenn. I did some arts & crafts and put the glitter on the champagne bottle (gorilla spray glue, glitter and VOILA!!). The mylar gold number balloons are from Amazon.

Since I might have a slight obsession with all things black, hot pink and gold a ‘la Kate Spade, I searched “Kate Spade party theme” on Pinterest and planned my outfit. I had the tulle skirt from Charlotte Russe already and I found the glittery gold bow Betsy Johnson heels at Ross for less than $35. I found a similar pair on the Betsy Johnson website.  The sparkly tank top I’ve had in my closet for years and I can’t remember now where its from, I’m guessing Forever 21. The statement necklace is one of my favorites pieces of costume jewelry and I found it at Wal-Mart. Believe it or not, I actually have found several of my statement necklaces there. The shoot took place at the picturesque White Tank Mountains with local photographer Samantha Bowers. It was a fun time, even though once the cork was popped and cake was flying gnats were EVERYWHERE! That part I could have done without. I also highly recommend a back up bottle of champagne. I’ve opened champagne before (obvi) but never shaken up to spray everywhere so the first one was a fail. So we literally had one chance to capture the second POP. Also don’t forget baby wipes and paper towels (thank me later).

As I end this first blog entry inspired by the sophisticated, yet fun style, of Kate Spade I want to send a reminder to anyone reading this who may be silent struggling…seek help if you are struggling. Because YOU MATTER and YOU ARE IMPORTANT but also — you are not alone. xo




Cake shoot photography by samanthaskyphotography.com

kate spade quote


2 thoughts on “Kate Spade Inspired

  1. I’m so excited to see your first blog post! I know you have so much potential ahead of you! I absolutely love the line, “It hit me hard that behind those bright, whimsical and happy colors there was so much sadness for the person who brought so much beauty into the world. And to a degree…I can relate.” I’ve learned about more and more people in my life who are hiding behind these happy colors and smiles. I only hope that they (including you) know your worth and beauty!

    Robin // http://www.pennandquill.com

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