15 Minutes and $60


Could you pull a casual summer look together in 15 minutes with just $60? No longer a style hunter but forever a bargain slayer, for me I often do my best style hunting in a hurry rather than having uninterrupted hours where I get frustrated and have too much time to overthink it all. This is also why 99% of the time I prefer shopping alone.  

About a year or so ago I started shopping at Old Navy again after a several years long hiatus. I didn’t stop shopping there for any reason in particular, I think my style just took me other places for a bit. And I have to say my reintroduction has not let me down. The seasonal style is perfect for the…well SEASON and I cannot get enough of the clearance racks. Outside of my soul-mates, T.J. Maxx and Marshalls, I would say Old Navy has a solid number 3 in my heart for favorite places to shop mainly because I seem to find things there much quicker than rack hunting. I’ll admit, I actually don’t like digging and hunting for clothes as much as I used to in say — my early 20’s. Now in my mid-30’s, I want the amazing deal, however, there is no thrill of the hunt for me. I want quick, in and out of the store as fast as possible. 

Take this cute outfit. I was on my way to meet my friend Robin for a photo shoot to help her with her blog (which BTW you totally need to check out). For some reason I mixed up the meeting time by 30 minutes. So I found this outfit in no kidding about 15 minutes flat! Even I was impressed.


The only thing I knew walking into the store was that I didn’t yet have a pair of frayed hem pants, and I’ve really been wanting a pair. Thinking I had a solid 30 minutes to browse and hit the dressing room, I’m pretty excited how quickly this came together.

The first item I found were these white pants known as The Power Jean a.k.a. The Perfect Straight Ankle. And I also found them in a denim wash. On sale for $25 each I scooped them both up because I couldn’t miss the sale on not just 1 but 2 pairs of great jeans.

IMG_1275 (1)


Next, I went directly to the clearance section and it didnt take me long to find this linen tank top with ruffle trim straps. Stickered at just $14.99 it was an obvious choice.

Lately I’ve seen a lot of yellow on my Instagram and although I don’t normally gravitate toward yellow, this mustard crossbodycamera bag” caught my eye and will easily carry over into fall. If you know me well anything that has season-to-season longevity is an A+ in my style file. I love the idea if giving this outfit a pop of color and I’m always looking for a great crossbody. What I like about this one, is the functionality of having 2 separate zipper pockets and an adjustable strap. And there is plenty of room for my iPhone+, wallet, keys, and a few extra essentials. But the thing I love most abut the purse is how soft it is. I swear it’s better than real suede, so don’t mind me while I just pet my bag…weirdo. Originally $26.00 I was able to snag this for just $17.00.

I pulled the look together with my favorite summer heels that I got at T.J. Maxx a couple of years ago. I could probably wear these shoes almost daily in the summer. The nude color, eyelet detail and woodgrain heel makes them a great neutral to pair with almost any summer outfit from casual to dressy. Although they are sold out I found several pairs ranging from $9-$30 on poshmark. For me these heels were a great purchase because they’ve really held up well and I like the stitching of the inside sole. For the price point they are great quality.

The Jook & Nona Inspire necklace was a goodie I got in my FabFitFun a while back.


Shopping doesn’t have to frustrate you, take up your whole day and you don’t have to blow the bank. My 2 tips:

  1. Have an idea in advance what you are looking for and dress for the occasion. Check out Pinterest for style ideas or search #realoutfitgram on Insta to help you.
  2. Find pieces that you like and will wear again & again. Trendy is great, but do you know what’s even better than trendy? Saving money in the long run by buying pieces you’ll get lots of use out of and for hopefully multiple seasons.

Could you pull a casual summer look together in 15 minutes with just $60? Take the challenge and tag me in your blog or insta so I can see how you did.

Happy shopping! xo




Outfit Photography: Robin Giordano of Penn & Quill

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