Change is a good thing! You were made for more!

Let’s talk about change and growth. Are you willing to change and grow as a person? Since separating from the Air Force I’ve gone through that period of “HELL YES I’M A CIVILIAN” to “oh gosh how could I have made certain circumstances better had I only changed my mindset?”. I know I made the choice that was best for me and really…thank goodness I did. Because without having the courage to flip my world upside down I never would have discovered who I am now.

What steps do you take daily to change your mindset? And if you aren’t currently doing anything do you plan to? Do you even want to? Do you even think you need to?

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I will tell you the person I was in 2013 would have told you “I’m fine” to almost any question of “how are you?”, I never would have gone deeper or more thoughtful that that simple answer. And that’s just one year. That’s not considering other years when I was deployed, went through a break up, loss of friendships, loss of a loved one, financial worries, physical injury’s, and going through my divorce. I’m human – I have lived a life with ups and downs, and I’m sure those ups and downs will continue to occur, because…that’s life. But the difference is now how I choose to handle those same stressors. I’m a daily work in progress but I’m also the happiest I’ve ever been and I’m the most confident I’ve ever been. I’m even learning to be vulnerable to acknowledge my short comings. I’m not perfect and there’s peace in not striving for perfection. I’m just open to learning daily on who I’m capable of being. And if I need to fine-tune here and there to adjust I’m ok with that. 



Personal growth matters and is so important. Maybe you find it through your faith, your family, therapy, travel, alone time, or seeking adventure…however you find your growth – embrace it and cultivate it. I’m a whole new person from where I was 5 years ago, 2 years ago….1 year ago….even 2 months ago.

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My mindset is changing daily and I’m willing to explore where self-development is taking me. I used to fight it, I used to think it was stupid or silly or only for nerds. But now I can’t see it not part of my day. If you’re not willing to face your past and ugly truths, and move forward into your future, you will always be stuck. Stop holding yourself back. You CAN grow into the person you were destined to be no matter your age, religion, education or background. Don’t let your circumstances set the limits on who you believe you are and can be. YOU WERE MADE FOR MORE!!!!!!

Here are some of my favorite Pins to get you started thinking about your own self growth.

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blog 005

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***Photography: Robin Giordano of Penn & Quill

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